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Tangled Eclair Review

This treat is found at Pinocchio’s Village Haus! It’s bright and adorable but anything but light. The inside is filled with Dolce de Leche & a White Chocolate Whipped Cream. My husband LOVE it, while I thought the caramel flavor was too overpowering. I was expecting more of a filling like Venelope’s Eclair I guess. […]

BaseLine Tap House Review

When you go to the Disney Parks you often spend countless hours walking around or waiting in line but if you just take a moment to sit back and relax you can see the magic all around you. It’s in the faces of little children and parents alike. One of my favorite places to relax […]

Cheshire Cat Tail Review

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” I wonder if Alice had thought of a Cheshire Cat Tail pastry when she was dreaming before breakfast…The Cheshire Cat Tail pastry is absolutely amazing! With a warm chocolate filling oozing out of the sides it is sure to make you go mad. Where […]

Mickey Cake Pop

One of my favorite treats at the Magic Kingdom has quickly become the Mickey Cake Pop at the Big Top Souvenir! It’s an adorable Mickey Sorcerer Hat. It tastes more like a gooey brownie than cake! Its vibrant blue color gives it a magical touch! A BIG plus is that is doesn’t even turn your […]