Black Panther Movie Review

So I have to admit when the previews for Marvel’s Black Panther came out I wasn’t planning on seeing it. My husband had brought it up a few times but I didn’t jump at the mention of it. One night I was craving theater popcorn and he was craving to see Black Panther so what the heck, why not. My love for Marvel Movies tripled in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Black Panther is one of the BEST movies I have seen in a long time.

Why I Loved It!

First of all, it’s hilarious. Throughout the entire movie there are great one liners that catch you off guard. It also has a very small love story within it. Not too much but just enough to make you go awww.

If you love technology this will blow your mind. I found myself thinking multiple times, wow if healthcare only had that. Side note – I’m a nurse and I can’t help it.

It’s packed with action. Not the boring ol’ good guy fights bad guy action, no. Black Panther has multiple battle scenes & you will begin to question yourself as to who is on the good side. It has good guy converts bad guy and just it’s great! At one point my husband got up to go to the bathroom and I’m just like how can you leave at a time like this!!! 

Keep An Eye Out

Something I especially loved was all the Easter Eggs within the movie. There were at least 10 different nods to other movies, social media trends, and politics. Stay for the end of the credits! This should go without saying but defiantly do NOT leave!

I told my husband this movie got me so amped it made me want to shave my head and be a badass woman solider of Wakanda! He wasn’t feeling it.

I’m not giving you ANY major details because you just need to go see this movie for yourself. I wasn’t a believer and now I’m obsessed! Black Panther is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to watch it again!

Don’t forget that Disney came out with a Limited Edition Black Panther MagicBand! It’s black, obviously, and has special effects when entering the Magic Kingdom! They are still at Pin Traders at Disney Springs!

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