Purple Wall MagicBands and More Coming Soon!

New MagicBands were announced again today and they are EVERYTHING! The new thing is going to the Magic Kingdom and taking a picture in front of the notorious Purple Wall. Disney jumped on the bandwagon and will be releasing a Purple Wall MagicBand! BUT it will only be available for 2 weeks starting on March 5th!!

Star Wars!

Disney also released a new Star Wars MagicBand wrapped in the Rabel Alliance symbols! It is different shades of grey with a pop of royal blue! This MagicBand will be available online starting March 12th and then available at Walt Disney World stores on March 16th.

Happy Birthday Animal Kingdom!

Finally, this year is Animal Kingdom’s 20th Birthday! There will be a special limited-edition Animal Kingdom MagicBand with only 2,000 released! You can purchase it starting March 26th. The earth-toned colors are perfect for your safari adventure!

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