Cheshire Cat Tail Review

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” I wonder if Alice had thought of a Cheshire Cat Tail pastry when she was dreaming before breakfast…The Cheshire Cat Tail pastry is absolutely amazing! With a warm chocolate filling oozing out of the sides it is sure to make you go mad.

Where to Find the Cheshire Cat Tail

You can find the Cheshire Cat Tail treat at the Cheshire Café next to the Mad Tea Party ride. Its’ vibrant colors of pink and purple will awaken you and it goes great with a cup of coffee…or a frozen lemonade!

Take a seat in front of the tea cups or on the side of the café to enjoy your Cheshire Cat Tail. These are great areas to people watch! But beware…cast members say this treat has been known to make guests invisible…

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