Rose Gold Cupcake Review

I was so excited to get the new Rose Gold Cupcake at Starbucks at the Magic Kingdom. With its ears and bow standing tall and rosiness staring right at me, I knew I was in for a treat! I had heard about the possibility of a Rose Gold Cupcake at the Magic Kingdom & couldn’t wait to get my hands on one! If you feel like waiting in a long line and I mean down half of Main Street long then more power to ya. We waited until the fireworks show and were able to walk right in and order one!

The Rose Gold Cupcake, Although it is Pretty…Its Pretty Blah

First, I decided to try the beautiful rose gold icing. Initially thought wow this is a lot of icing but once I removed the “icing” I discovered that there was actually a vanilla cupcake under it all to give the cupcake its height. I took a big bite & quickly discovered it was short of anything magical. There was zero flavor to the rose gold icing. Although it was very pretty, it was really gritty and not sweet. The rose gold ears and bow however were white chocolate and yummy. The crunchy pearls placed around the cupcake were milk chocolate and delicious!

I removed the cupcake wrapper to discover a beautiful red velvet and vanilla swirl cupcake. It tasted just like a cupcake…nothing more or nothing less. I guess coming from the Magic Kingdom I was expecting something extraordinary but what was delivered was anything but that. I enjoyed the vanilla cupcake that held the icing up much more than I did the red velvet and vanilla swirl cupcake.

All in all, it made for a pretty Instagram post but I would not spend $5.95 again on the cupcake. I’m really sad about this because the cupcake is really beautiful. I just wish it had something special about the flavor that would make me want to come back for more!

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